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Legacy Product

N.B. We now class Profile as Legacy Software. We will endeavour to support existing users for as long as possible, but we are not looking for new sales.

An archiving and analysis facility for Sage Line 50 for Windows. Other features include the ability to send PDF email invoices via MAPI enabled e-mail software such as Outlook Express.


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Why an add-on?

Profile provides archiving and analysis of sales invoices and credit notes produced through Sage Line 50 Financial Controller. You may also preserve and analyse purchase orders.

The archive can give you full account and product histories and detailed estimated profit margins, without cluttering up your current Line 50 data with ancient invoices and orders. An added bonus is that the Profile archives take up less space than the invoices they are created from. Long term users of Profile have built up years worth of sales histories and can amaze their clients by an apparently encyclopaedic knowledge of their preferences.

Flexible views and reporting options (including labels) allow a range of uses from telephone sales support to sophisticated analysis of accounts and product lines.

When you have a sales enquiry, use the normal Line 50 account reference to obtain a full list of items purchased complete with dates, quantities and prices. Full details of the invoice including discount levels, order numbers, delivery address, taken by and any notes on the invoice are readily available.

When the customer haggles for a better price, take a glance at your margins to see if you have room for manoeuvre.

When the customer wants "a repeat order of those thingies we had a couple of years back, you know, the green ones", use the flexible search options to help find out what they really want.

Check on new account sales last month or print a report of the sales and estimated margins on a given stock item - handy for the monthly sales meeting.

Advanced report and label features

Enhance your reports and labels (and even your invoices!) with images, barcodes, boxes with 'drop shadows' and a host of other features.

As well as printing and previewing reports, produce reports in 'export' formats including HTML, RTF, JPEG and BMP.

Output data as CSV (comma separated variable) data files.

Include pack numbers (e.g. '1 of 2', '2 of 2') on labels; handy for multi-parcel despatch labeling.

Produce different numbers of labels for each item in a range. When printing labels for invoice or purchase order items you can print the appropriate number of labels for each item - all in a single print run.

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System Requirements

Our aim is that if your PC is capable of running the matching Sage product then it should be capable of running Profile.

Sage:Sage 50 v7 and above.
New Sage 50 versions are supported as soon as Sage release the technical details - usually within days of the new version's release. The downloads page has the latest details.
Video:VGA or above
Printers:Windows supported Laser, bubble-jet, ink-jet or dot-matrix
Operating System:As supported by the relevant version of Sage.
Networks:Any Windows supported

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Profile is an option within our Synergy add-on utility.

Our pricing system is comprehensive but straight forward being consistently based on the options you have chosen, the number of concurrent users you need and the number of datasets (companies) you want the application to work with on one system.

The Base Price for Synergy with Profile is £200.00. That buys you a Single User, 2 Dataset licence, complete with 12 months Subscription Support. Licences for other options, more users, more datasets, and on going support are all derived from the Base Price in a straightforward manner.

To see the full range of pricing, take a look at the Pricing Page.

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Then download the product and try it for yourself, or contact us.

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