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Synergy Pricing

Synergy pricing is based on the options you wish to licence, the maximum number of users active simultaneously and the number of datasets for which you wish to store data.

£200.00 + VAT buys you a Single Concurrent User, 2 Dataset licence for the Profile option, complete with 12 months Subscription Support.

Pricing for different options, numbers of users and numbers of datasets and for on-going support or version catch-up upgrades can be obtained from the On-line Calculator page.

For more information about on-going support, version catch-up upgrades, licence scope enhancement upgrades and multi-site licences see below.

Subscription Support

Subscription Support, renewable annually, provides access to support by telephone, e-mail, fax or web plus all upgrades, both minor and major, for the product during the subscription. Delivery of the software is by download from our website. For Sage 50 2017 (v23) and earlier this is optional but highly recommended.

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Catch-up Upgrades

If you have a licence for an earlier version and want to upgrade to the latest version but are not within Subscription Support you need to Catch-up first. The Catch-up price includes 12 months of Subscription Support.

The Catch-up price can be obtained from the On-line Calculator page.

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Licence Scope Upgrades

If you are within Subscription Support and want to increase the scope of your licence (e.g. more users, more datasets or additional options), you just need to pay the difference between your current licence and the new licence. The relevant prices can be obtained from the On-line Calculator page.

If you are not within Subscription Support the cost will be that of a Catch-up upgrade based on your existing licence, plus the appropriate scope increase cost.

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Multi-Site Licences

Each licence applies to one Site, meaning a group of connected computers accessing a single Skyewright Synergy system.

The licence is maintained on one computer at each Site - all other computers wishing to share the licence need to be connected to the licence holder while they are running the application. If you have a WAN connecting computers in different physical locations that's fine - it's the connection that counts, not the location.

If you want to use the product on more than one Site, you pay full price for the most comprehensive licence required but are then eligible for discounts on licences for the additional Sites. Enquire for details.

N.B. We recognise that many companies like to maintain a full copy of their data on a separate computer (often the MD's laptop), both as a backup and for out of hours reference. To accommodate such use we will usually, at our discretion and on request, provide one free additional, single user, "Laptop Licence" to users who have a current equivalent full licence key for two users or more.

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Then download the product and try it for yourself, or contact us.

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