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The standard Line 50 already provide some stock take features, but we go further to render the tiresome but essential task of reconciling your computer records with physical stock levels as painless and efficient as we can make it.


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Why an add-on?

Inventory provides benefit by greatly reducing the number of operations required to check and update stock levels and by providing Variance Reports on the differences between physically checked and computer based stock levels.

Inventory allows you to set up reusable, sorted lists of stock items to be checked. You can then print Data Capture Sheets to ease the process of data collection. Data entry is just a matter of working down a column entering the checked quantities. The column can optionally be pre-filled with the figures that the computer thinks is in stock and individual stock lines can be skipped if desired. Once the data has been entered (over several sessions if you wish), Variance Reports allow discrepancies to be highlighted. Applying the checked quantities and updating the last checked data is then a single operation.

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System Requirements

Our aim is that if your PC is capable of running the matching Sage product then it should be capable of running Inventory.

Sage:Sage 50 v7 and above.
New Sage 50 versions are supported as soon as Sage release the technical details - usually within days of the new version's release. The downloads page has the latest details.
Video:VGA or above
Printers:Windows supported Laser, bubble-jet, ink-jet or dot-matrix
Operating System:As supported by the relevant version of Sage.
Networks:Any Windows supported

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Inventory is an option within our Synergy add-on utility.

Our pricing system is comprehensive but straight forward being consistently based on the options you have chosen, the number of concurrent users you need and the number of datasets (companies) you want the application to work with on one system.

The Base Price for Synergy with Inventory is £125.00. That buys you a Single User, 2 Dataset licence, complete with 12 months Subscription Support. Licences for other options, more users, more datasets, and on going support are all derived from the Base Price in a straightforward manner.

To see the full range of pricing, take a look at the Pricing Page.

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Then download the product and try it for yourself, or contact us.

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