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Synergy Price Calculator

To calculate a price for a particular configuration of the Synergy add-on, fill in the form below, then use the Calculate Price button at the bottom of the form.

For ImportPlus pricing see the product page.

Feature options

Choose the options that you wish to licence.

Calculation Type

Choose the type of purchase you have in mind.

Licence Purchase. Includes 12 months subscription support.
Catchup Upgrade. Includes 12 months subscription support.
12 Months Subscription Support
Method of Supply

Choose the method you prefer for supply.

N.B. If you choose a CDROM based method, you may also use download.

Download via the Internet at your convenience. Updates may be downloaded during your subscription period at no extra cost.
CDROM by mail.
Initial CDROM plus periodic CDROM updates. Up to 4 CDROMs in total during the year's subscription.

Choose a figure suitable for the maximum number of users that will need to use Synergy concurrently.

This number does not need to match your Sage users and does not need to match the number of workstations (unless you want them all running the application simultaneously).

1 User
2 Users
5 Users
10 Users
15 Users
More than 15 Users

Choose a figure suitable for the maximum number of datasets (i.e. Sage Line 50 companies) that you want to store data for.

2 Datasets
5 Datasets
10 Datasets
50 Datasets
More than 50 Datasets

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