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ImportPlus is a tool for import from a wide variety of text, CSV or xml sources (and even some types of binary) to Sage 50 sales orders, product or service sales invoices, purchase orders, customers, suppliers, stock, audit trail posting transactions (with 'grouping'), stock transactions, price lists, etc.

There are also facilities for automated allocation of payments against invoices, exporting data (including Memo data) from Sage 50 to text, csv or xml, collection of POP3 email text, and calling other applications.

The tool can be run interactively or controlled via a command line interface allowing automated operation. Operations can be 'chained' together so a single call can perform several actions. Source data can collected via http, ftp or POP3 if required. Export data can be uploaded via ftp or e-mailed.

A system integrator's dream?

ImportPlus is designed to work alongside Sage Line 50 version 7 and above. New versions are supported as soon as Sage release the technical details; this is usually in time for the new version's public release. The downloads page has the latest availability details.

For more details see ImportPlus

Something a little different?

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Legacy Applications

Synergy and its options are now considered legacy applications. We will endeavour to support existing users for as long as possible, but they are not being further developed and we are not looking for new sales.

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