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Enhancement through Synergy

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32-bit Windows

Suitable for Sage 50 or Sage 50c versions 7 through to the latest version (Sage 50c 2018 / v24), and Instant Accounts from 2009 (v15).

Each download offers a complete current version of the full product. A valid full licence key for the current version will unlock the software for full use. For Try Before You Buy, the download includes a short "Unregistered Use" licence for new users and a facility to request an Evaluation licence key allowing you up to 30 days to try it out free of charge.

For more information about the products, see our portfolio.

ImportPlus: Text, XML or CSV import and export and more...

Version: 2018.06/1, build 1068 ImportPlus Full Download (~5MB)

Synergy: Including Profile, Designs & Inventory

Version: 2018.06/1, build 1068 Synergy Full Download (~12MB)

RDCO Reporter: Fuel distributor's HMRC RDCO HO5 period return preparation tool.

Version: 2018.06/1, build 1068 Download (~0.5MB)
Requires Synergy.


Download the file into a suitable temporary directory, then run the file to install the software.

If you haven't installed and used one of our add-ons before you might find it useful to take a look at the Installation and Getting Started information before proceeding.

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Evaluation Mode

You may request a 30 day time-limited evaluation licence to allow you to Try Before You Buy. During evaluation all product features are enabled.

Licence Keys, Current Versions & Subscription Support

Licence keys are valid for the version they are issued for and for other releases issued within the upgrade eligibility period that is encoded in the key, e.g. for 12 months from initial purchase. The licence does not run out when upgrade eligibility expires, the software you already have will continue to run as before - all that changes is that if you download and install a later release you will need an updated licence for which there will be a charge, unless you have already paid for Subscription Support covering the relevant dates.

Users with current Subscription Support can obtain updated licence keys for the latest version. So if you have current Subscription Support and we add features all you need to do is download* and install the new version. 12 months Subscription Support is included in the initial purchase price.

If you don't have current Subscription Support, but want to pick up the latest version see the Catch-up section on the pricing page for the relevant product.

* CDROM based versions are available by arrangement at extra cost.

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ImportPlus "Multi"

This is a release of ImportPlus 2018.06/1, build 1068 that can work with any of the currently supported versions of Sage 50 (and with none at all).

This is a specialised version of ImportPlus intended for people who need to work with data from several versions of Line 50 on the same computer (e.g. dealers, or where data is extracted from one version and inserted it into a different one).

Full Download Multi

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