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Enhancement through Synergy

C0042: Audit Trail Import from L50 CSV with Pay Details to Inv Ref Matched Allocation

This customisation works with ImportPlus to allow import of Sage Line 50 audit trail transactions (of any type), with the added facility for Matched Allocation so that imported Sales Receipt (SR) and Purchase Payment (PP) transactions are automatically allocated against Sales Invoices (SI) or Purchase Invoice (PI) transactions that are on the same account and for which the Details in the receipt (or payment) match the Ref. in the invoice. If an imported SR or PP cannot be allocated according to these rules it will be converted into an equivalent payment on account (SA or PA). If the import includes discount transactions (SD or PD) they will be treated in the same way, being converted into equivalent credit notes (SC or PC) if allocation is not possible.

To pick up a copy of this Customiser, use ImportPlus Driver to follow this recipe:

  1. Run ImportPlus Driver
  2. Select 'Tools' (group)
  3. Run 'Collect and Install Customiser' (operation)
  4. When asked for an ID provide 0042
  5. Then click the 'Proceed' button.

Once collection is complete, the operation will be available in the Customisers group.

When you select the operation, the Operation Description (on the right) will show relevant notes.

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