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C0035: Export selected Supplier transactions as Line 50 style CSV

This customisation allows ImportPlus to create a CSV file in the style of the Line 50 "Transaction CSV" report but only containing Supplier related transactions within a given date range. The configuration can readily be adapted for other selection criteria, output types, or for automation.

To pick up a copy of this Customiser, use ImportPlus Driver to follow this recipe:

  1. Run ImportPlus Driver
  2. Select 'Tools' (group)
  3. Run 'Collect and Install Customiser' (operation)
  4. When asked for an ID provide 0035
  5. Then click the 'Proceed' button.

Once collection is complete, the operation will be available in the Customisers group.

When you select the operation, the Operation Description (on the right) will show relevant notes.

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