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Enhancement through Synergy

C0019: Import Price List Prices with specific Discount Types

This customisation works with ImportPlus to create or update Price List prices from a 3 column csv file.

The columns are stock code, discount value and discount type, e.g.

"ENV001",10.00,"Decrease Sales Price by %"
"ENV002",0.50,"Decrease Sales Price by Value"
"ENV003",5.00,"Markup % on Cost Price"

The identity of the price list is asked for - if a price list with that identity already exists then the prices are imported into that, if there is no such price list then one is created.

To pick up a copy of this Customiser, use ImportPlus Driver to follow this recipe:

  1. Run ImportPlus Driver
  2. Select 'Tools' (group)
  3. Run 'Collect and Install Customiser' (operation)
  4. When asked for an ID provide 0019
  5. Then click the 'Proceed' button.

Once collection is complete, the operation will be available in the Customisers group.

When you select the operation, the Operation Description (on the right) will show relevant notes.

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