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C0008: Redate Deleted Audit Trail Transactions

This customisation allows ImportPlus to aid the removal of deleted transactions from a Line 50 audit trail.

This is achieved by re-dating all Audit Trail Transactions that are marked as Deleted to 1st January 1970.
Once the ImportPlus redating is complete you can completely remove the transactions from the Audit Trail by using Line 50 to run
Tools => Period End => Clear Audit Trail
with a clear down date before any transactions you wish to keep - we suggest using 2nd January 1970

N.B. This customisation is not intended in any way to aid deception. It is a long held bookkeeping principle that errors are clearly reversed rather than invisibly removed. Deleted transactions help show such reversals, but there are times when deleted transactions simlpy clutter the place up, e.g. following a data recover process. This customisation aims to aid the restoration of clarity in such cases.

To pick up a copy of this Customiser, use ImportPlus Driver to follow this recipe:

  1. Run ImportPlus Driver
  2. Select 'Tools' (group)
  3. Run 'Collect and Install Customiser' (operation)
  4. When asked for an ID provide 0008
  5. Then click the 'Proceed' button.

Once collection is complete, the operation will be available in the Customisers group.

When you select the operation, the Operation Description (on the right) will show relevant notes.

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